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The Ford Lotus Twin cam, the legendary good performance engine of the sixties era. The Mk1 Twin Cam was introduced as an examination bed engine in the Mk1 Cortina in 1963 & followed by the Mk II which powered the Mk II Lotus Cortina - the same engine which was also fitted to the 1968 Escort Twin Cam.escort in Townsville
The lotus Cortina & the Twin Cam Escort were instant winners both on the track and in lots of, many rallies held throughout the world. It is often said that the sixties were the golden years of motor sport, and the firm of lotus and their highly competitive cars were held in high esteem. Nevertheless the Lotus elan that was publicly released at the1962 Earls Court motor show was the sports vehicle that set the motoring world alight, the elan established a reputation for rapid indicate point motoring, as well racking up success after success on race circuits round the world. Lotus was quick to construct on those success with the release of the lotus elan 26R, the racing version, that was based on the elan S2 model, just about one hundred 26Rs elans were produced by the factory. 
The run of the mill four cylinder ford cast iron engine block provided the bottom on which the twin cam engine was built, the cylinder head was a Harry Mundy designed twin cam alloy head, which incorporated chain drive to the twin over head cams, which actuated the eight valves. The engine was normally aspirated and fed by'twin forty millimetre Weber carburettors, which are characterised by the distinct clucking sound they made when the throttle butterflies are opened.
But regardless of the high power output of the small four-cylinder engine you can find two Achilles heals of the engine, the first being the reputation for water pump failure, which is mostly due to the engine being left standing for long periods sans any coolant in the block, on the first crank of the engine the dry seal is ripped during the first turn over. Escort Engine Services
Many elan & escort owners have also upgraded from the original dynamo to a contemporary alternator for the electrical system, the high tension on the belt required to perform the alternator places excessive side loads on the water pump which could lead to premature failure... the standard water pump replacement requires that the alloy twin cam cylinder head be first removed, this may lead to a extremely expensive mechanical repair for the non-practical twin cam owner.The most effective treatment for this problem is to set up the newer modular type water pump, which makes it much easier to remove and replace. Another trouble with the twin cam lotus engine could be the constant habit of the engine of losing oil pressure on tight right hand turns, many owners elect to ignore this problem at their own peril, lotus twin cam drivers have been recognized to simply listen for the bearing rattles then'back off, and watch for oil pressure to return.... in the event that you hear bearing rattle, the engine is only some seconds far from a possible engine blow up, From a cold start, bearing rattle could be tolerated in a motor since it only lasts for a couple of seconds while the engine is at idle., but it's a completely different story when the engine is revving at four to seven thousand revs each minute where even a short oil starvation period may have a devastating effect on the engine bearings, bearing failure is not an if, but a matter of when the engine bearings seize on the crankshaft.
But You'll Be Pleased to learn there is A Fix - But you can find really only two options;
1: If you should be into circuit racing, then dry sump lubrication is a given, it could be expensive and frustrating to create and to have it right, but most racers swear by dry sump lubrication.
2: Install A Gated Wet Sump Oil Control system.
It sounds technical but it's not, the gated sump system contains designing and building a unique apparatus that will be installed in the standard twin cam sump or oil pan, it's not expensive to construct or difficult to fabricate, it's not complex, and most home mechanics would manage to building the baffle if they enjoy fabricating with sheet metal, and they also understand how to do a tiny amount of brazing.
No one however you will ever know that there's a particular anti surge oil control system installed in the sump of your twin cam lotus engine. Nevertheless the difference is that with the gated baffle installed, you will have a way take any given corner at top speed in your Ford escort, Lotus Cortina or lotus elan and not need the slightest concern yourself with oil surge, the oil gauge will show you that the right oil pressure has been delivered to your legendary twin cam lotus engine, it's about bit of mind and confidence with good performance motoring. Build it once, build it right, and you should have no problems.

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