Friday, 6 May 2016

NFL Odds

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I haven't had much luck with this particular years NFL Office Pools. I am more or less in last place. There have been a million and one formulas for just how I picked teams. Each of them did lousy. Watching Sunday Night Football Highlights all my losses seemed ahead comparable way. The team I'd picked would throw and interception and lose as another team ran it back, AKA a pick-6. It has happened to the very best of these this season, Tony Romo, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, and this week Jay Cutler became a victim of 4 interceptions to the exact same player. NFL Odds
My results this week were much better. What Used to do was research turnovers. It seemed weird in my experience that San Diego has the very best offense and the very best defense in the League but for reasons uknown cannot win football games. In this lies the answer....Turnovers. San Diego has among the highest turnover percentages in the league. Combat that with the New York Jets and you will quickly understand why. The Jets versus Chargers just like it sounds is quite a lopsided matchup. My record this week was 10 wins 3 losses. With an upcoming week of matchups I enjoy applying this theory again. I do see several underdogs which have a better turnover percentage than the favorite. If I was an actual betting man I would jump around these. You can even research and get the hidden Jewels once you obtain a hang of it it is pretty easy.
For other football season this could not have resolved so well. However for me considering pure results is a lot easier than examining Turf vs. Grass or Home versus away. You can look at Points fir avg points for versus points against points allowed. That however is just going to get you so far. As well as I will let you know from experience that that formula only works significantly less than 50 percent of the time. The ability to hold onto the football is not one that requires deep looks and mathematical equations. The fact a quarterback is more apt to throw it to the wrong team or the opposing team has the capacity to catch and return an Intercepted pass is quite simple. And for that you can ask Brett Favre or Jay Cutler.
To prove my point have a go through the Jets. Yes they're an excellent team. In a matchup of Mark Sanchez vs Drew Brees I believe many could have jumped at the chance to draft Drew Brees or Tony Romo. The straightforward truth is Mark Sanchez has turned the ball over fewer teams and his team holds the greater record. Their Defense did a better job intercepting unsuspecting QB's and unsuspecting fans. They at this time remain the dominant team in the League.

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